• Madrona Smoked Salt

Madrona Smoked Salt

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The Pacific Madrona (Arbutus menziesii) is a beautiful and interesting tree native to San Juan Island, where Brady and his team live and make their salt. It grows on rocky slopes and in forest clearings. The team at San Juan Island Sea Salt collect fallen branches of the tree and use them to cold smoke their sea salt. This smoked salt has a hearty, smoked salmon-like aroma, with a soft brown caramel color. Use this savory salt on a sliced garden tomatos, roasted root vegetables, marinades, or rubs for grilling.

From May to September, Brady and his team gather seawater from the shores of San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest. At their farm, this water is filtered and brought to their evaporation houses. Under the summer sun, the water evaporates and leaves behind their signature salt, into which the briny flavor of the sea is locked.

Ingredients: Madrona-smoked sea salt.
6 oz.