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Harissa is a quintessential North African condiment – a paste or sauce produced from chili peppers, oil, and spices. Originally from Tunisia, it has since spread to other parts of North Africa and been adapted to suit local tastes. Villa Jerada's award-winning Harissa N ̊1 is Moroccan-style: less chile-forward with a melange of layered flavors from spices, fresh mint, tomato paste and preserved lemons. It is made with the highest quality ingredients; each jar contains about a quarter of a preserved lemon and high quality organic Moroccan olive oil, unique from other harissa on the market.

Flavor & Texture Profile: Spicy, bright & herby with a uniquely thick, creamy and silky mousse-like texture – neither watery nor chunky. It’s easy to spread and easy to enjoy.

Use with sandwiches, soups, braises, sauces, dips, and dressings.

Seattle-based Villa Jerada, meaning “House of the Cricket”, was founded by Mehdi Boujrada 2011. They carefully make, source, and import Moroccan and Levantinian pantry items, from olive oil to seasonings, with an emphasis in high quality ingredients, sustainability, and small-batch food making practices.

170g, 6oz.
Ingredients: Dried chili peppers, olive oil, cumin, coriander, garlic powder, preserved lemons, mint, caraway seed, tomato paste, vinegar, salt and water.
Made in the USA.