• Urfa Biber

Urfa Biber

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Urfa Biber is a mild red pepper that’s sundried and wrapped tight to sweat (thereby preserving the oil from the pepper's skin) before being ground into a multipurpose spice. Its distinctive purple hues make it visually appealing, but its flavor is even more unique: a complex mix of sour, smoky, and slight sweetness and spice. 

It's a versatile ingredient, but pairs well with pungent cheese, robust vegetables, braised meats and salads. 

Seattle-based Villa Jerada, meaning “House of the Cricket”, was founded by Mehdi Boujrada 2011. They carefully make, source, and import Moroccan and Levantinian pantry items, from olive oil to seasonings, with an emphasis in high quality ingredients, sustainability, and small-batch food making practices.

50g, 1.75 oz
Ingredients: Urfa biber pepper
Region of origin: Turkey