• Fragrance Discovery Set Volume 2
  • Fragrance Discovery Set Volume 2

Fragrance Discovery Set Volume 2

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More Smash Hits Vol. 2

Crystal Pistil: orange blossom aether. Neroli, water, and musk.
Jazmín Yucatan: Mexican jungle jazmín. Jazmín yucateco, passion flower, copal.
Coriander: green fields above Odessa. Coriander, ocean spray, cool spice.
Burning Barbershop: shaving tonic, smoked. Lime oil, hay, smoke.
Italian Citrus: coastal cologne. Chinotto, mandarin, incense.
Amber Kiso: japanese forest, ambery leather. Amber, hinoki, leather.

Brooklyn-based husband-wife duo David and Kavi believe that scents can enrich our homes and lives. Self taught perfumer David (aka D.S.) takes inspiration from travel, music, art, and nature to craft each unique and layered scent, while architect and designer Kavi (aka Durga) is the one responsible for their impeccable packaging and design.
D.S. and Durga makes each product in-house in NYC with only the highest quality ingredients. Each one has a playlist and a story all its own. DSD products, whether candles or fragrances, are special, out of this world and unlike anything else.

Includes six 1.5ml vials.