• San Juan Island Sea Salt - Gomasio

San Juan Island Sea Salt - Gomasio

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Goma-shio, Japanese for Sesame Salt, is a wonderful seasoning. This is a mix of toasted organic white and black sesame seeds, San Juan Island Sea Salt's classic sea salt, and seaweed flakes (dulse, kelp and sea lettuce). It is crunchy, toasty, earthy, nutty and very addictive. Try it on tofu, avocados, rice, or as a snack right from the jar!

From May to September, Brady and his team gather seawater from the shores of San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest. At their farm, this water is filtered and brought to their evaporation houses. Under the summer sun, the water evaporates and leaves behind their signature salt, into which the briny flavor of the sea is locked.

Ingredients: Organic toasted white sesame seeds, sea salt, organic toasted black sesame seeds, kelp, dulse, sea lettuce.
2.75 oz.