• Royal Chrysanthemum Tea

Royal Chrysanthemum Tea

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Reset from within. Ultra healing and delicious this chrysanthemum tea have a delicate fragrance and a mildly sweet, herbal flavor with notes of honey. Each flower is good for 2 more refills of hot water in a 6-7oz cup. 

Cleanse, detox, and much more with Chrysanthemum flower infusion. Single-origin: Jiangxi, a southeast Chinese province across from HK, known for its pastoral landscapes of rice paddies, rivers, and mountains, centered on the Gan River valley.

Fun Fact: Chrysanthemum originated a thousand years ago in the Song Dynasty (year 960–1279) in China. Chrysanthemum flowers come in many varieties, but the one offered by The Qi is a particular varietal called Royal Chrysanthemum as it was gifted to the Royal family at the time.

Contains nine whole chrysanthemum flower packets.
Up to 27 servings.
Naturally caffeine-free.
Vegan, Non-GMO.