• Crested Variegated San Pedro Cactus (Potted)

Crested Variegated San Pedro Cactus (Potted)

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Echinopsis pachanoi f. cristata

This is an artistic representation of the crested variegated San Pedro. This crested cactus is fan-shaped and ridged. Most notably, it has bright yellow variegation down the middle due to a rare genetic mutation.

This is a very special, hard-to-come-by cactus, particularly with such high-color variegation. It is only available for in-store pickup from our storefront in downtown Tacoma. We recommend you come by the store in person to check out this special cactus.

This cactus comes potted in a 5" terracotta pot with a saucer.

Rarity: Ultra rare.

Difficulty: Easy
Water: Give four to six ounces of water when soil is fully dry.
Light: Full sun.