• Eulychnia Castanea (Potted)

Eulychnia Castanea (Potted)

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Scientific name: Eulychnia Castanea f. varispiralis

This is an artistic representation of the Eulychnia Castanea. The varispiralis form of the chilean Castanea naturally grows in a true spiral shape, with sharp spikes coming from between its compact curls. They can grow up to 6' with the right conditions, though they are extremely slow growing plants.

It comes pre-potted in a 5" terracotta pot. From the base of the plant, it will be around 5-6" tall. This is a very special and unique species and only available for in-store pickup. We recommend you come by the store in person to check out this special cactus.

Rarity: Very Rare

Difficulty: Easy.
Water: Give four to six ounces of water when soil is fully dry. Cut back on watering in winter.
Light: Full sun.