• Euphorbia Lactea Ghost (Potted)

Euphorbia Lactea Ghost (Potted)

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Scientific name: Euphorbia lactea 'White Ghost'

This is an artistic representation of the Euphorbia Lactea Ghost. Due to an unusual mutation, this Euphorbia has stems that range in color from very light green to white because they lack chlorophyll in their tissues. It prefers a more tropical environment than most other columnar Euphorbia, so this candelabra-shaped specimin is not as cold-hardy or drought-tolerant as its cousins. 

It comes pre-potted in a 6.5" terracotta pot and a saucer, and each specimin will measure at least 1' from the base. This is a very special, hard-to-come-by plant. Only available for in-store pickup. We recommend you come by the store in person to check out this special Euphorbia.

Rarity: Ultra-Rare.

Difficulty: Moderate.
Water: Give six to ten ounces of water when soil is fully dry. Does not tolerate extended periods of drought, but does not want to be sitting in wet soil.
Light: Full sun.