• Euphorbia Obesa Cluster (Potted)

Euphorbia Obesa Cluster (Potted)

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Scientific name: Euphorbia obesa

This is an artistic representation of the Euphorbia Obesa, also known as the baseball, basketball, or sea urchin plant. These particular specimens are clusters of four of the plump, ball-shaped stems. Through convergent evolution, they have come to greatly resemble the North American astrophytum cactus despite being succulents from South Africa.

This is a special and unique collector's plant, particularly when growing in clusters, potted in 5" terracotta pot with a saucer. We currently have small clusters (either smaller or fewer pups), or large clusters (with three or more large pups). Only available for in-store pickup—we do not ship any plants! We recommend you come by the store first to check out these special euphorbia in person.

Rarity: Rare.

Difficulty: Easy
Water: Give four to six ounces of water when soil is fully dry.
Light: Full sun.