• Melocactus Azureus (Potted)

Melocactus Azureus (Potted)

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Scientific name: Melocactus Azureus

This is an artistic representation of the Melocactus azureus, or 'Turk's Cap Cactus'. This is a fun rare cactus native to Brazil, notable because it grows a fuzzy bright cephalium (its namesake cap) as it matures, contrasting with its attractive blue skin. As it grows, so will its cephalium, becoming more barrel shaped on top of the round base.

It comes pre-potted in a 5" terracotta pot with a saucer. Only available for in-store pickup—we do not ship any plants! We recommend you come by the store first to check out these special cacti in person.

Rarity level: Rare

Difficulty: Moderate.
Water: Water once every two or three weeks in summer, slow down watering in winter. Unlike other cacti, it doesn't want to be in prolonged drought.
Light: Morning sun, or set back in a southern window.