• Stenocereus Beneckei (Potted)

Stenocereus Beneckei (Potted)

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Scientific name: Stenocereus beneckei

This is an artistic representation of the Stenocereus Beneckei. This cactus is valued for its striking farina: a powdery silver-white coating comprised of waxy crystals that protects the plants from pests and other irritants. We recommend avoiding touching the farina directly, as contact with the oils on hands, or even just water, can remove the bloom. 

This is a special and unique collector's cactus, pre-potted in a 6" terracotta planter and measuring about 9-10" from the base. This listing is for in-store pickup/shopping only—we do not ship any plants! We recommend coming by the shop in-person to check it out.

Rarity: Rare

Water: In warm months, water thoroughly when completely dry. Keep dry over winter.

Light: Full sun, preferably south-facing. Brighter exposures will lead to denser farina.