• Deep Incense Matches Gift Set

Deep Incense Matches Gift Set

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Hibi's incense matches are an innovative addition to your daily rituals. Two traditional industries of Hyogo Prefecture—the incense of Awaji Island and the matches of Harima—collaborated to create Hibi's incense matches. It took three years of trial and error to successfully create an incense that could be lit like striking a match, all without breaking and retaining its aromatic properties. The Deep gift set scent is features grounding scents of cedarwood, ambergris, and oakmoss, as well as a fireproof mat to set your burning matches on.

Strike the head of the stick on the side of the box just like a typical match.
Tilt downward for 5 seconds.
Blow out and lay it on the included (fireproof) mat while it releases its fragrance.

3 boxes of each scent with 8 matches each. Includes mat for placing lit incense matches.
Burn time: 10 minutes.
Made in Japan.