• Pink Freckles Mini Vase

Pink Freckles Mini Vase

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A miniature hand-blown glass vase with a smiling face and ear handles. These tiny bud vases make excellent tabletop or desk companions that will brighten your day. Each mini vase can hold a single stem or flower bud.

As these are handmade pieces, each one may vary in details, size, and color (specifically on the facial features).

Each glass blown Tak Tak piece is handmade in Austin, TX by Risa Recio and a small crew, with the hope of bringing joy, humor, and magic to your daily rituals. The name "Tak Tak" is an onomatopoeia meant to evoke the tapping heard in the glass hotshop, as artists work on their pieces with metal tools before finally knocking it off the pipe.

Dimensions: approximately 2" tall x 2" wide x 3" across

These TAK TAKs appreciate a sudsy hand washing.