• Euphorbia Abdelkuri (Potted)

Euphorbia Abdelkuri (Potted)

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This is an artistic representation of a Euphorbia Abdelkuri. This extremely rare succulent is only found on Abd al Kuri, a small island off of the coast of Yemen. It resembles a long stone, as it is spineless and completely grey with a smooth texture. A columnar species, the cylindrical stems will branch at the base as it grows.

This is a very hard-to-come-by succulent. It comes pre-potted in a 5" terracotta pot, and measures about 12" from the base. This particular specimen has a small pup coming up as well. Only available for in-store pickup. We recommend you come by the shop in person to check out this special euphorbia.

Rarity: Ultra-rare

Difficulty: Moderate

Water: Give it 6-8 ounces of water when it is completely dry. Halve watering frequency in winter.

Light: Full, direct sun. Southern or western exposure preferred.