• Euphorbia Trigona Variegated (Potted)

Euphorbia Trigona Variegated (Potted)

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Scientific name: Euphorbia trigona f. variegata

This is an artistic representation of a variegated Euphorbia trigona, or African Milk Tree. The trigona is a cactus-like succulent, and the variegata have a mutation that causes splashes of white and light green variegation. These are small but high-color specimens that can grow to be quite large over the course of many years.

The smaller size comes prepotted in a 3" terracotta pot, and measures about 2-3" from its base; the larger size comes prepotted in a 4" terracotta pot, and measures 3-4" from the base, possibly with arms. This is a special and unique collector euphorbia. Only available for in-store pickup—we do not ship any plants! We recommend you come by the store first to check out these special euphorbia in person.

Rarity: Ultra rare

Difficulty: Easy
Water: Drought tolerant. Water every two weeks in summer (or when soil is fully dry), half as often in winter. 
Light: Very bright indirect or morning direct light. Does not want to be in harsh direct sun.