• Original All Purpose Salve

Original All Purpose Salve

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Deeply moisturizing balm that can be used all over the body, including face and hair. Each ingredient is 100% organic and contains a healing or protective element. Not formulated with water like other lotions so a little goes a long way. For all bodies and skin types, especially sensitive.

  1. Daily moisturizer for all over the body.
  2. Face moisturizer.
  3. Under eye cream.
  4. Cuticle cream for hands and feet.
  5. Overnight foot cream- great to use on heels!
  6. Lip balm.
  7. Makeup remover.
  8. Pomade for eyebrows.
  9. Natural cheek highlighter.
  10. Shaving cream: rub onto dry skin before getting in the shower.
  11. Safe to use on underarms + bikini area.
  12. Prevents ingrown hairs and red bumps around the bikini area, neck and face.
  13. Hair mask- rub into dry hair and leave in for at least 20 minutes or overnight.
  14. Hair pomade for those with short hair who want some hold but don’t want to be washing gel out of their hair.
  15. Sets curls.
  16. Protects hair from heated styling tools and harsh weather.
  17. Soothes sunburn and helps with peeling skin.
  18. Soothes burns from ovens, stoves, welding tools etc.
  19. Relief from itchy bug bites.
  20. Protects runners and bikers from chapped skin during the winter.

1.5 fl. oz./45mL
3.8 fl. oz./112mL