• Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation

Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation

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Scientific name: Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation'

This is an artistic representation of the rare variegated Monstera deliciosa, nicknamed 'Thai Constellation' (not to be confused with a Monstera Albo Variegata). With marbled splashes of cream and mint, this special cultivar evokes a starry night sky. Its variegation is due to a rare genetic mutation that causes it to produce less chlorophyll. As it grows and matures, its leaves will develop splits and fenestrations—it is truly a showstopper. Unlike an Albo, the ThaiCon is a stable mutation, so it will always produce variegated leaves and will never revert to a standard Monstera deliciosa. While it grows somewhat slower than a non-variegated monstera, the care is very similar. We have also noticed a more compact growth habit (less leggy/less of a tendency to spread out).

You can choose between healthy specimens in a 2", 4", or  6" grow pot with varying amounts of variegation. No two plants look exactly alike, but they all have noticeable white splashes, and always will produce variegated leaves. The 2" have a few juvenile leaves, 4" each have several juvenile (no splits) leaves and one mature leaf growing in or newly grown, whereas the 6" have larger leaves, several of them mature (with splits/fenestration). This is a very beautiful and hard to come by houseplant. Only available for in-store pickup—we do not ship any plants! We recommend you come by the store first to check out these special plants in person.

Rarity: Rare.

Difficulty: Moderate 
Light: Bright indirect. 
Water: Water when top few inches of soil are dry.

Note: More variegated leaves are more delicate, and may brown without proper humidity/moisture.