• Spiral Cactus (Potted)

Spiral Cactus (Potted)

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Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis'

This is an artistic representation of the Spiral Cactus. This cactus naturally develops a twist as it grows (the ones in the shop are twisted the entire way through). The slow-growing blue-green Spiralis begins as a columnar plant, gradually growing additional stems at its base for a candelabra-like look.

It comes pre-potted in a 6" terracotta pot, including a saucer. From the base of the plant, it will be at least 12" tall. This is a very unique cactus and is only available for in-store pickup. We recommend you come by the store in person to check out this special cactus.

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Easy.
Water: Give four to six ounces of water when soil is fully dry. Cut back on watering in winter.
Light: Full sun.