• Aleppo Chili Flakes

Aleppo Chili Flakes

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Aleppo chile flakes have a complex flavor: bright, savory, and fruity. Strong enough to stand alone, yet even more delightful when combined with cumin, cinnamon, and even sweets.

Pair with grilled meats, soups, tomatoes, and salads. Use as a topping on pizza, potato chips, and even ice cream.

Seattle-based Villa Jerada, meaning “House of the Cricket”, was founded by Mehdi Boujrada 2011. They carefully make, source, and import Moroccan and Levantinian pantry items, from olive oil to seasonings, with an emphasis in high quality ingredients, sustainability, and small-batch food making practices.

60g, 2.1 oz.
Ingredients: Aleppo pepper.