• Nigella


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Also known as black cumin, Nigella is considered as a holy ingredient in most of North Africa and the Middle East. It's a superfood touted for being antibacterial, digestion-friendly, inflammatory-reducing, and immunity-boosting, thanks to a compound it contains called thymoquinone.

With notes of oregano, onion, and nuttiness,it's a great savory garnish.Add it to flatbreads, vegetable spreads, salads, and Moroccan morning porridge Hsoua. It's also an excellent alternative to sesame seeds.

Seattle-based Villa Jerada, meaning “House of the Cricket”, was founded by Mehdi Boujrada 2011. They carefully make, source, and import Moroccan and Levantinian pantry items, from olive oil to seasonings, with an emphasis in high quality ingredients, sustainability, and small-batch food making practices.

100g, 3.5 oz
Ingredients: Nigella Sativa