• Sumac


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Sumac is a wild red berry from Turkey with cherry and citrus notes. Its savory bright fruit and citrus tones make it a great substitute for lemon, tamarind and vinegar. Traditionally used with za'atar or yogurt, it also pairs well with lamb, chicken, fish or simply tossed onto a salad.

Use in dressings, marinades, and dry rubs, or dust on top of fruit, chocolate, or ice cream.

Seattle-based Villa Jerada, meaning “House of the Cricket”, was founded by Mehdi Boujrada 2011. They carefully make, source, and import Moroccan and Levantinian pantry items, from olive oil to seasonings, with an emphasis in high quality ingredients, sustainability, and small-batch food making practices.

60g, 2.1 oz.

Ingredients: Sumac

Origin: Turkey.